vendredi 7 février 2014

New track - Mangata (demo)- 2014 - feat. Banshee Xuân

All 3 tracks are demos from the next album (work in progress)

lundi 27 janvier 2014

NEW demo TRACK "Bitter Moon", new line up

LME just entered in a new phase, our previous vocalist Azia left the band in November 2013, after our last gig that took place in Germany. The band has now a new set of vocalists, including Thalie Nemesis (also a solo artist) & Banshee Xuan (from Totemic Animals) and others.

Considering there are two members remaining from the previous line-up, and considering none of us have ever seriously considered a departure, LME will go ahead in a direction that we’ve decided before she left the band. In the next album there will be three tracks that have been built when she was still with us, there’s no reason they won’t appear in that album that is to come in a few months.

The most important thing is Azia is okay with that, she will follow her own path, and we will follow ours, and she won’t criticize our work in the future, neither will she criticize the fact we are still running this project with that moniker. We wish her all the best her next project.

A new demo track can be heard on our bandcamp profile

This is NOT a definitive version, there are still things to get fixed like the mixing and the mastering stuff, but all we can say is it makes us really happy (sorry for this is so un-goth, but still).

Next track will be featuring Banshee Xuan on vocals, echolalia and drum machines and siouxsie-esque, we’re not betraying the very spirit of LME, that’s the least we can say.
Both of these tracks are meant to be on the next 3 tracks single to download on bandcamp in a few weeks, along with a rebuilt version of our track from 2008 “Song To Lunacy”.

Cheers and happy fucking new year with nothin’ to do.


dimanche 12 janvier 2014

[free] 5 tracks to download


So Alone
We Want Blood
Yesterday Was Just Another Day


All tracks Azia & Osiris
Additional guitar on NAA : Benjo
YWJAD performed by Azia.

samedi 21 décembre 2013

pics taken by Sébastien L. (Stella-Obscura) CC-by-sa 3.0 and higher
gig in Cherboug Octeville 12.12.12

samedi 23 novembre 2013


WE NEED YOU dear LME’s listeners . We’ve sent a stock of cds to our supposed label “afmusic” about a year ago, 100 copies of the “Turmoil” cd and 200 of the “Socially Awkward” cd. Falk Merten manager of afmusic has sold them or he kept the money from the sales or whatever. SO, we want our cds back or the money from the sales, or both. Needless to say he plays dead, so if you want to do something useful please spam the afmusic page on fb with a message “falk, pay us what you owe us“ or any message with a similar inspiration. We have a vivid, bitter memory of the Pray Silence Festival and Pray Silence Records scam. We need you guys, thank you in advance for your support.

 more breaking news about falk merten's and afmusic's fraud :

Looks like Falk Merten stole money from afmusic band's CD sales to buy a plane ticket and flown to Greece to see his new girlfriend.

Fell free to ask her for some truth, like "where is the money from #afmusic's bands cds" or "Is Falk Merten feeling ok with the idea of being a thief and a liar" or "FALK, PAY US WHAT YOU OWE US !!!". Remember we're talking about 40 to 50 bands being scammed by Falk Merten & afmusic, and 3000€ from the sole LME band.
Crisis ? What crisis ? when you can rob the money from bands from a small musical scene like ours.
.. Be sure he will take good care of afmusic's bands money.
Falk Merten left everything behind him, wife and kids, hope it was worth it, no doubt that guy is a fucking hero.
Wait, Bruno Patatas ? Is it you again witha different name ?? Ha!

 have you got it yet ? 

 More and more bands being stolen cds or/and money by Falk Merten and afmusic are contacting us now, please feel free to share infos with us as 40-50 bands were scammed by that scumbag. Share every info about #afmusic #falkmerten


mardi 19 novembre 2013

Gig Saturday 16 November Kaiserslautern - RESURRECTION

Michael Kowakowsky [*]

Wolfgang Blau [*]

Live video courtesy of VBV :

Live videos courtesy of Cyberpagan :

dimanche 2 juin 2013

So Alone / We Want Blood 7" transparent vinyl AVAILABLE

NOUVEAU SINGLE VINYLE So Alone / We Want Blood. 
Bandcamp - Discogs
 So Alone / We Want Blood 7"
Ultra limited edition of 50 copies.
7" transparent vinyl coming in a black sleeve. 

"Un mail conséquent est arrivé. Il émane des Modules Etranges, incarnation d’un post-punk gothique à l’éventail musical aussi pointu que les remarques acerbes de son leader. Les fans se rueront sur ce 45t vinyle transparent limité à 56 exemplaires. Les retardataires ne pourront hurler leur désarroi puisque le groupe promet de diffuser gratuitement les deux titres, dès le stock écoulé.
Et voici ce qu’il en disent :
« Le titre So Alone parle du désir de s’ouvrir au monde extérieur qui se heurte aux aspérités des uns et des autres, le texte est typique des thématiques abordées par Azia dans ses textes. Celle-ci a composé la musique de la première partie du morceau, ainsi que les paroles. Je me suis chargé de continuer ce début de morceau sans suite. Le titre a d’abord été composé à la basse et à la batterie mais la version « electro »  nous a paru beaucoup plus puissante. »
« We Want Blood a été écrit dans une période de tensions, troubles internes au groupe inhérents aux 6 années de collaboration à la scène comme à la ville, ce qui explique l’ambiance très sombre du titre; et aussi troubles politiques liés aux débats autour du mariage pour tous. Le texte en lui-même est une réaction violente du duo après avoir été témoins de rassemblements homophobes type « manif pour tous », les paroles sont une réaction de rejet et d’hostilité par rapport aux personnes refusant ce droit aux homosexuel(le)s. » "
Sylvaïn Nicolino in Obsküre
review by Lux Atenea Webzine (in Spanish)